Social Media Usage in Australian

It seems that even in the new media space us Aussies still love our monopolies. There's only 2 social networks for most Australians.

I was recently doing some research on social media usage in Australia purely looking at scale (audience size and engagement). While ultimately how effective a platform is, comes down to what you get out of it... Reality suggest it's volumes that attracts advertising dollars.
Unique Audience - Social  Networks (Source Nielsen Answers, Jan 2013)

Australian reach has grown from 38% in 2009 to 72% in 2012 (Yellow Social Report) but slowed significantly in 2012 back to 4%. Sessions per person remained steady year on year at around 30.

As it reaches saturation in the local market it's hard to imagine Facebook maintaining such high engagement in the long term... Particularly with the commercial pressures from the stock market, but Facebook have a way of constantly evolving.

It became Australia's highest reaching home page in 2012 and advertisers have continued to poor Digital and TV budgets into it, fueling increased spends for Google (+46%) and Demand Side Platforms (+431%) according to local SMI data.

YouTube continues to grow, with an 8% increase in audience in 2012 on the back of a 32% explosion in 2011. Sadly, locally YouTube is really only being used to house TV commercials. There's only a handful of advertisers actually using it as a content platform (which warrants a future post) for now.

Everybody Else
Pinterest had a huge year exploding out of nowhere, to be somewhere, will be interesting to see what year 2.

Google+ had a huge growth spike, and will be interesting to see if this continues into 2013 or was it all from accidental log-ins through Gmail and group invites bouncing around.

Twitter has fallen flat, though it still remains one of the more engaged platforms of the smaller players. It seems we're all way to busy pinning Instagram photos from Facebook to keep tweeting

Linkedin has remained really solid capturing a large chunk of the professional audience.


Mark Parker said...

Hi Brett
Agree with your sentiments re Facebook and Google - I keep hearing noise re G+ but I'm just not getting the value proposition...

Any thoughts on Tumblr and Foursquare?

Unknown said...

Hi Mark,

I'm with you on G+ as it just seems to be a better version of a Google profile.

Fair point...
I left out Tumblr (1.8m), Wordpress (2.2m) and Blogger (3.8m) because (in my opinion) they are used to differently. I don't believe in Aus there is mass consumption of those platforms as social networks instead they are more houses for blogs that undoubtedly receive a lot of traffic.

Foursquare on the other hand really doesn't have the user base in Aus, on average around 100k people per month according to Nielsen.

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