Mouldy Old Media

After reading "dear Rupert, I think I want to break up" by @karalee_ it got me thinking about new media, and old media... and Rupert's plan to start the charge for paid online news.

There's something big happening with "old media" struggling to fund itself, old players struggling to fund their "new media" efforts and social media making its way into every corner.

What is Media?
"Old media" used to be about investigative journalism, coverage of events and a source of trusted information. Atleast we thought...

That fa├žade is cracking and media's true colours are starting to show. And it isn't about selling news articles to readers, or providing entertainment even though it may seem so.

After seeing the outbreak of social media, the dominance of heritage media over the last half century and new media bringing the two together it seems apparent, to me anyway, media does one thing.

It's a tool that enables us to experience information.

How you monetize that tool, how you market that tool, how you innovate that tool is completely independent of what media is. So if a business model fails - don't blame it on Google, don't blame it on consumers, try having a look at your own product.

Rupert if things aren't working out, maybe you should get out and start meeting some new people?

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James Duthie said...

Oooh. Don't get me started on this topic...! I started writing a comment, but it's gonna be too long. Needs it's own blog post. Coming soon.