IBM Vs Apple From the Vaults

I stumbled across an 80's ad year book at my local salvos and noticed something interesting.

Even 20 years ago IBM and Apple had completely different creative strategies which set up the Mac Vs PC battle (I'm sure you've all seen). I apologise for the poor scanning image quality.

Exhibit A: IBM... untype 60 words per minute. One heavy focus on product features and consistent with their mainstream media approach until the recent 'think' campaign.

Exhibit B: Apple... all about the lifestyle of owning the brand. Sure the logo is still being developed but as the cover says "Apple and the arts"

I find it amazing that in an industry where Moore's Law reigns supreme that with only a few minor tweaks, it wouldn't surprise me to see these ads in print today.


Matt said...

that's awesome! great find... i love going through those old salvo and 2nd hand stores for books. funny thing is, today i just threw out a bunch of old books!

nextbrett_au said...

Matt, there's nothing better than discovering some old classic masterpiece... or cheesy ad book!

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