We Can All Learn From Open Source

Straying a little from my Marketing roundup I'm using this opportunity for some digital marketing speak.

Open Source: a development method for software that harnesses the power of widespread peer review and transparency. The promise is better quality, higher reliability, more flexibility, and lower cost. There are pitfalls in the Open Source process but there are some key take outs business can take out worth noting.

Enter Google...

With the release of Google Wave recently and Google Apps small business has a real opportunity to capitalize upon the cloud and social media and promote fluid, real time communications to;
1. Bridge the communication gap amongst colleagues
2. Increase efficiency in information sharing
3. Reduce the required level investment in IT
4. Empower individuals to follow their own career goals
5. Increase employee productivity.

At the risk of sounding like a Google evangelist, there are take outs of this approach business' can use.

Foster Evolution with... Tools

A communication tool-box can make use of a suite of cost effective and scalable platforms
Yammer - private micro-blogging
LinkedIn - social network... for business
Google Docs - document sharing and collaboration
SlideShare - as the name suggests
Ning - lets you create your own social networks
WordPress - free blogging platform

Empowering employees to capitalize on this technology can not only increase staff morale, but more importantly productivity (Read Write Web). In short... encourage staff to embrace new technology and provide flexibility so employees can worry about things like providing brilliant service.

So what are your thoughts? Experiences? I'd like to hear how other organisation uses social media.


Matt said...

open source ftw!

its not just the tools. it requires a culture change in most organisations to foster this kind of evolution. cause you can introduce the tools, but adoption is the hardest part and encouraging usuage. look at our usuage of yammer for example.

btw new format with the blog? i had trouble finding this post from the homepage.

also not all open source is good. see Joomla.

nextbrett_au said...

Hey Matt.

Totally agree, that's a major part of open source - they are extremely useful tools... but the challenge is in the next paragraph. How you increase adoption of said tools.

This was actually from the vault, making some slight tweaks to template and pushed this one out in the feed.

I actually enjoy using Yammer, but it seems to work more as a knowledge share tool than collaboration.

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