Nation Building starts with information

As boring as it may be I'm a strong believer that knowledge and information can truly empower individuals. So it's nice to see it when Governmental projects start to 'get it' so I wanted to share a couple of honorable mentions.

First up (guessing search will be the highest referrer of traffic) which uses a Google Maps mash up to show economic inititvaes in "your" area. I would like to see the next step of transforming the "additional info" which is probably the most important into something more consumable.

Next mention goes to CFA Connect a platform recently launched to introduce "social" to the CFA community. Social media proved to be an effective communication tool during the tragic events of February in Victoria.

As most communication platforms it's about how users embrace and utilize it which will determine its success - but it's a nice start, will be interesting to see if it catches on and what engagement tactics the CFA have in mind.


Simon T Small said...

Love the Google Maps integration!

Just need commenting & community and they'll have caught up to 2006.

Unknown said...

Yep it's not ground breaking but it is still initiative. Good to see some positive examples!

nextbrett_au said...

@Simon - definitely,I wonder if it's a trickle down effect of innovation from 3 years ago or someone has been making some obvious suggestions.

@Nathan - in light of your recent "make friends with a scientist" post over @anotheradvertisingwanker I had a discussion with someone in the health industry awhile ago... they wanted to know how they could combat all the nonsense and pseudo-science online, amongst search engines. My answer was, get out there and do it better than they do.

This is a small step in the right direction for public information.