eBay Music: Good move or missed opportunity?

Since Napster rose to fame some 10 years ago, the media industry has continually struggled to come to grips with the Open Source epoch of online.

I tend to think there can be a healthy balance between the internet and the music industry with some creative thinking and engaging tactics - Take for example Radioheads In Rainbows download statistics from their online release, or the success of iTunes.

Back in 2004 it was reported by Cnet that Ebay would be opening the door to digital downloads - which is now reached Australian shores as they join forces with Vivendi via GetMusic.com.au

According to Deborah Sharkey, Managing Director of eBay Australia and New Zealand this move will open up digital music to a vast array of online shoppers.

“You can buy practically anything on eBay.com.au... eBay is excited about the opportunity and is looking forward to being able to provide access to great music to millions of eBay.com.au users.”

The Music Portal on ebay.com.au (now live) acts as predominantly an entry page into getmusic.com.au. It will be interesting to see what sort of conversions will lead to sales from ebay.com.au but I would have liked to see the music industry use this opportunity to tackle illegal downloading head on with some real innovative thinking.

Here is a prime opportunity to engage a community of e-commerce users who are already heavy purchasers online. After seeing the initial responses to We Are Hunted an online music chart (based on online data as opposed to sales figures) it's the perfect chance to lead by example.


napoleon said...

It's a shame they go to the trouble of introducing digital music, but it's a simple domain hop.

The times are changing, esp for music online.

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