Social Media Brand Assualt #episode1

There seems to be a brand launching a 'new' campaign on social networks every week now in Australia... and there's just as many crashing and burning!

The standard format: flash landing page linking up with Twitter, Facebook & Flickr presence. I see few original idea's amongst these but figured it's a perfect time to keep a track of some of the campaigns out there.

First cab off the rank Beck's Uberselektor

As simple a jump page as you can get linking to a presence on Twitter, Facebook, Flickr.

At the moment the strategy appears to be establish cred with giveaways and event updates in capital cities fed into Twitter & Facebook as explained by Uberslectkor

"Gather insights from Festival insiders. Gain access to special tickets. Know where you want to be… Choose the best venues and events – and choose to be different."

Yeah I'm different, just like everybody else.

As always great to see some alcohol brands promoting responsible consumption of alcohol - if you've got a microscope handy visit the site and check the link out - Luckily i took the trouble out if it and did it for you below.