Why bother investing online? For management.

Before my (professional) time in the online world I came from a land void of digital relationship marketing working with companies that well … had little to no idea. In the world of retail I was always asked the question “why invest any more money online when traditional media delivers the goods? I’ll build the best site and wow users back”

So I would like to share a story (with no jargon) that I used to get management at least in the right frame to understand what this internet is all about.

Take a typical Australian from the target audience – one silver surfer who has an empty nest, high paying wage, broadband access but isn’t that savvy online.

Using the internet 3-4 times per week his online journey begins at 6.00pm checking emails – forwarding a couple of funny (viral) video’s received from friends to the rest of his family. As his not signed up to many lists he is quite responsive to emails and will check out special offers and links to credible content.

After that it’s pretty much ebay for an hour – watching bids, waiting for a bargain until he is interrupted by a credulous report on a nameless 6.30pm television show. To do some research on this he opens up Google or Yahoo and does a brief search finding a news article online with some convenient and credible links on the right hand side of the page. While searching, it’s an opportunity to search for that item he was wanting on ebay – and finds he can buy the same product online. After an hour or so it’s time to switch off the PC for the night.

So in that hour or so this grey haired web novice – forwarded on a networks viral skit, responded to a marketing email from a service provider, did product research on ebay and a notable online retail outlet, clicked on a paid and non paid link for a new phenomenon in the housing industry. That’s at least 6 different touch points with this consumer within 1 hour with very little investment (without even taking into account Display Advertising).

Is that not reason enough?


Matt said...

so true. did u know that the same silver surfer also punishes his kids over the internet with a virtual slap on facebook, while maintaining the house on secondlife and blogging about his new ebay purchase

nextbrett_au said...


I bet that's not all he's using the net for :)

Funny thing is I bet there's a huge opportunity for a cult figure, 50 plus, ebayholic that knows how to write.