2009 Prediction... it's nothing but space

Well it's 2009 and if you're anything like me you're starting to think about pulling down the tree, how far away the next long weekend is... and getting sick of reading posts/predictions about "What's going to happen in 2009."

It's out with 2008 and the year of... Planet Earth, The Potato and Sanitation and in with a campaign I think is going to make a serious impact in the media, in schools and online.

2009 is all about space! That's right it's the International Year of Astronomy.

International Year of Astronomy 2009 is already making waves in the online space. It's international site links national "nodes" for most countries to localise event information. The program also landed a gig on the front page on the journal Nature and a feature on CNET.

The online presence has some serious outreach including; 365 Days Days of Astronomy Podcast, a Nasa dedicated site, Linked In, Facebook, MySpace, Orkut Group, Twitter, YouTube and UStream content. My main concern is that these channels won't get the attention they need to actually create a conversation. But there does seem to be a good level of general interest already.

And for my prediction for 2009 - Obama's going to shake things up and ask us to refocus our gaze on the heavans - we will put humans back on the moon. And it'll happen sooner than you think.


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