Cadbury's Corporate Social Responsibility

Stumbling upon the new Corporate Social Responsibility website from Cadbury it's quite an interesting user experience.

Now there’s not too many way’s you can make “we toe the line” exciting. The Body Shop and Dove have been 2 of a few companies that successfully positioned a prominent consumer brand directly around social advocacy.

The Dear Cadbury website is an interesting way to sell the story in credible fashion, but CSR isn't a badge you can sow on with an interesting little flash concept. It appears to be aimed at schools and socially aware consumers with a “look around and discover for yourself” approach which usually works well on shaping opinions.

You have to walk the walk, and I somehow feel Cadbury have missed the mark with this strategy. There's no fit with the brands persona, there's no emotional connection and it does nothing to engage consumers to take part.


Louis said...

I totally agree with you. It's quite an interesting user experience. Thanks for sharing.

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web design melbourne said...

Giving your company a social advocacy increases interaction, which makes brand loyalty an aim easier to reach.

experiential marketing agency said...

I think the Dear Cadbury website should have made an effort to make users interact with the product.

company registration Philippines said...

The Cadbury Company should have made an effort to invoke a emotional connection with the customers so that their brands will be remembered by the customers.

seo norwich said...

I think Cadbury intended to have an emotional connection but I guess the implementation was weak for the people to feel it.

Unknown said...

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small business consulting said...

It's good that they're involved in charity works. More company has to be aware of such responsibilities as well.

Valerie Phillips said...

I think Cadburry marketing campaign is really effective that's why they remain one of the top brands. On top of that, they are also following their corporate social responsibility in the society by giving back.

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chiropractic marketing said...

I think this feature needs to be tweaked first and improved before it can finally be effective.

sydney seo services said...

Social responsibility is something very important, it can really ruin your reputation.

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